Gadget Vista – take a look at the Gadget Guy Gadget for Vista!


One of the many new features in Windows Vista are Gadgets, mini applications that sit in the Sidebar on the Vista desktop, connecting to web services, easily and quickly accessible.

What sorts of applications are, or will be, available? Choose from games, clocks, weather and traffic information, sports results, news, bushfire information and more. Download as many as you want from the Microsoft site, and move them on and off your Sidebar as needed.

In exciting news for us, Gadget Guy has been approached by Microsoft to develop a Gadget Guy Gadget news, reviews, videos and blogs, right there on your Sidebar, a click away. Our great depth of content will be right there on your desktop, a click away!

Click on the Gadget Guy Gadget for all the latest news, reviews, articles and blogs – right there on your Windows Vista desktop

The Gadget Guy Gadget is phase 1 of our Windows Vista project. Phase 2 is the optimisation of our entire site for viewing on Vista. Weere the first Australian site to be asked to do so by Microsoft, and the result will allow us to take advantage of new technologies, presenting our site in a highly graphical manner while keeping it extremely search and search engine-friendly. The revolutionary aspect of the Vista optimisation is that the graphics can be modelled in a completely 3D environment that reacts to changes made in the environment.

The Gadget Guy Gadget will be downloadable from both our site and the Microsoft site very soon and do keep an eye out for our new and improved site.