GadgetGuy checks out Toshiba’s latest laptops, the future of TVs

The GadgetGuy recently got to check out some of the coolest new ideas Toshiba has launched, such as a thin computer designed to replace your netbook and a new TV powered by Toshiba’s Cell processor.

First up was the Toshiba AC100, a machine that’s being called a “cloudbook” because of how much it has to do with “cloud computing”. Running on Google’s Android operating system, it’s like a phone except in a computer. With 32GB of solid state storage, it’s not designed to be your main multimedia machine. That said, we’re told it can play back 1080p video making it useable for those long flights overseas.

We’ll be the first to say that the AC100 cloudbook looks like a very interesting idea.

Next up was Toshiba’s answer to the 3D gaming revolution, the Toshiba Satellite A660.

This new laptop looks to be one of the best entries around to provide immersive 3D action. For under $2,000,

Finally there’s Toshiba’s Cell Regza TV, an idea that combines a processor similar to what’s found inside a PlayStation 3 with a TV and PVR setup.