Get in shape with Wii Fit

Wii is a unique and innovative way to help you and your family stay fit in the comfort of your home, through simple daily exercises. More than a gaming experience, Wii Fit is a health and lifestyle product with more than 40 exercises, across four categories: balance games, yoga, muscle workouts and aerobic exercises. Whether you’re doing a yoga pose or snowboarding down a slalom course, there’s an activity for everyone.

Wii Fit and the included motion sensitive Wii Balance Board, work together with the Wii console to allow you to get a detailed analysis of your physical condition by analysing your BMI (Body Mass Index), and centre of gravity. After you have checked your BMI, you can do a simple balance test, and be assigned your Wii Fit Age. Now you are ready to trial any of the four categories.

Put your strength to the test with the muscle workouts. Your on-screen instructor will guide you through muscle-toning exercises such as torso twists, arm and leg lifts rowing squats, or try one of the challenges such as the push-up challenge.

Get your heart pumping with aerobic exercises including super hula hoop, advanced step, rhythm boxing and basic run. Or work on your balance and flexibility with yoga poses like deep breathing, tree, sun salutation and half moon.

The balance games include soccer heading, ski jump, tightrope walk and bubble balance among others, and allow you to focus on your balance whilst having fun.

Nintendo_Wii_Fit_yoga.jpgWii Fit can help you to burn calories, work out your muscles, improve your balance or learn to stretch and relax with yoga poses. The Wii Balance Board gauges exactly where your balance and body mass are placed, so your on-screen instructor ensures you perform every exercise correctly. You can even pick and choose your exercises to ensure training remains fun! As you exercise, Wii Fit tracks your progress and unlocks additional exercises for you as you go.

You can also monitor your exercise regime, as up to 8 people can store and compare their Wii Fit data. Your data is presented in a graph so you can easily track and compare how you are going. If you are not the competitive type, you can always lock this component and keep your statistics a secret! Wii Fit also comes with the Wii Fit Channel, which gives you quick access to your daily progress.

Price and availability

Wii Fit retails for $149.95 and will be available from May 8 at all major retailers.

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