Get sharp: Acer releases a new range of LCD TVs


Acerrs four new LCD televisions each offer a single HDMI connection, an analog tuner, 1200:1 contrast ratio, 1366 x 768 resolution and extra sharp pricing, the 106 cm AT4220B being just $2,799. Response time for the range varies from 6.5 milliseconds to 8ms, which helps to ensure there is no smearing or blurring on fast action, and the remote controlls Empoweringg key provides access to a number of viewing modes (Standard, Movie, Sports, Games and Concert) that Acer claims present the ideal blend of video and audio performancess.

Pricing is as follows: AT2720B (68 cm), $1,299; AT3220B (81 cm), $1,599; AT3720B (94 cm), $2,299.