GT100 Germ Terminator – toothbrush steriliser

The GT100 uses time-tested steam and dry heat for consistently thorough sanitisation. With the GT100 there is no need to expose your living environment, your toothbrush, and consequently your health (via the soft tissues and gums of your mouth, your eyes, your skin, or your lungs), to ultraviolet radiation, ozone (trivalent or activated oxygen), alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or other disinfecting chemicals. The GT100 is not only the most effective method of toothbrush sanitisation (with – a germ kill rate of greater than 99.9999% of all germs tested), it is also the safest.

Simple to use

With numerous worldwide patents and patents pending, the Germ Terminator GT100 is the most effective, simplest-touse device ever created to sanitise your toothbrush after every use! It takes only seconds of your time. Just place your toothbrush inside the GT100, secure the cover in position, and add water – it’s that simple.

  • The Germ Terminator Model GT100 is an ingenious and incredibly easy-to-use device designed to protect your long-term
    health by terminating germs that breed on your wet toothbrush.
  • The Germ Terminator uses an exclusive, worldwide patented and patents-pending process designed to destroy germs
    through the scientifically-effective and time-tested use of steam combined with a proprietary automatic drying process.
  • This groundbreaking medical device kills germs by steaming and drying them. The toothbrush is then stored in the Germ Terminator’s sanitised clean chamber.
  • All you need to do is to fill the Germ Terminator’s water reservoir with water. Filling the reservoir automatically turns on the
    Germ Terminator’s ‘steam’ mode.
  • The ‘dry’ mode is then activated automatically as soon as the ‘steam’ cycle has been completed. Your sanitised toothbrush stands ready for your next brushing.


$125.00 RRP

Source: Germ Terminator Australia and New Zealand Pty. Ltd.