Has the PS4 controller been leaked?

You can see almost anything on the internet. Lions and tigers and cats – lots of them, some of them even flying sandwiched in a pop tart – oh my. And, what’s this… is that a prototype of the PlayStation 4 controller?

Originally found on gaming site Destructoid, an image has surfaced that looks to be a prototype of a controller used on whatever the next generation of Sony’s PlayStation console is.

The image of what could be the new PlayStation controller, as seen on Destructoid.

The controller features a similar, if not slightly evolved layout of the familiar design Sony has been using since version one of its PlayStation console, and if this design is the real thing, looks like it could even integrate either a small touchscreen above the PlayStation logo button or even a touchpad similar to the one that sits on the rear of the PS Vita portable gaming system.

We’d ask Sony if this is the new controller, but it would probably just tell us that it doesn’t comment on rumours or speculation.

The PS3 controller on the left, and this possible PS4 controller on the right.

Still, we’ll ask all the same, but in the meantime, mark February 21 – next Thursday – on your calendar, because that’s likely when we’ll see and hear a proper confirmation from the company.

UPDATE (10.06 am): …and there we go. Sony has given us exactly what we thought: “Sony does not comment on rumour or speculation.”