Haute couture touchscreen computer. Maybe

We’ve written at length about the tablet and touchscreen computers we’ll all be using soon, and with the impending Apple iPad launch the buzz around this new category of tech only gets louder.

But with all the brands currently making such devices – HP, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, MSI, Fujitsu (to name but a few) – there is one nameplate you wouldn’t expect to bring a touchscreen computer to market: Pierre Cardin.

Best known as a manufacturer of fashion items such as clothes, watches, perfume and other items of adornment we can’t afford (because we’re blowing all our shekels on iTunes and the Playstation Network), the Paris-based design house has teamed up with a Taiwanese manufacturer to market touchscreen laptops under its own badge. The touchscreen computers will come in screen sizes from 5 to 9 inches, with some models sporting the detachable keyboard of a true tablet device.

If Pierre Cardin computers ever become available in Australia and someone you know buys one, give them a good (ahem) dressing down… and a subscription to Vogue.

Image sourced from Engadget