Having trouble learning Windows 8? There’s an Aussie answer for that

With a heavy emphasis on touch and rectangles, Windows 8 isn’t like your traditional mouse based operating system, and that makes learning it a little harder. Thankfully, there’s a homegrown solution coming designed to make everything easier to understand.

Previewed recently for GadgetGuy, the educational program is developed by Dynamic Learning Online, a company that has been creating interactive training for quite some time, and has previously worked with the government to bring a series of interactive tutorials to Australians, educating seniors on how to use computers.

For that project, over 20,000 senior citizens across Australia took part, with over 153,000 lessons taken over the course of two years.

Now, with Windows 8 available and a new learning curve introduced thanks to the complete design change associated with the new Microsoft operating system, the team at Dynamic have been hard at work creating a system to teach anyone how to use the platform.

“Anyone can go and do this and really learn about Windows 8,” said Tony Webster, Managing Director of Dynamic Learning Online. “It’s easy to use, and it’s going to help people.”

The educational series on Windows 8 comprises of 35 lessons, and work on both regular mouse-based computers, as well as the touchscreen variety, such as Windows 8 machines. In fact, we checked it out on the Apple iPad, and it worked without fail.

The tutorials lack movies, with lessons instead being interactive, encouraging users to click on areas as if the application they’re looking at is real and can be used.

Dynamic’s Windows 8 training should arrive within the next week or two, and should be priced at just under $50, though could be less. It joins other training programs on offer from the company, including topics like using the internet, Twitter, setting up a blog, understanding digital photography, word processing, and more.