Hitachi brings 4TB to desktops for under $400

These days, we all have lots of data, so much that it can make backing up a major hassle. Hitachi hopes to change that, however, with a new hard drive that arrives with more terabytes than you’ll know what to do with.

With a capacity of roughly 4,000 gigabytes, Hitachi’s Touro Desk is an external drive housing a 4 terabyte 5,400 RPM drive with a USB 3.0 port. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, computers with access to the fast USB 3.0 speed will receive the benefit of the faster speed, while others will be able to transfer to the drive over USB 2.0.

Priced at $319, the Hitachi 4TB desk drive is hardly portable and is more suited for computers you won’t be bringing with you, however the company is also updating its laptop line of Touro hard drives.

This year, the Touro Mobile range moves to 1TB, features both USB 2 and 3 connectivity, $159 price tag, as well as a weight of roughly 150 grams.

Both drives come complete with some cloud storage, with Hitachi offering 3G of online storage free with the purchase of each drive.

The much smaller 1 terabyte mobile hard drive from Hitachi.