HTC launching the Hero and the Tattoo next week

The wait for the Australian release of the HTC Hero (pictured below), which not only runs the Google Android operating system, but the latest version of it, Eclair, may soon be over.


Not only that, but at the same press event next Wednesday HTC will also launch the HTC Tattoo. The Tattoo, pictured below, is another Android phone, with the marked point of difference from many phones is the ability the change the look of the phone through slip-on silicon skins.

HTC Tattoo phone with Android OS

So, I hope to have some news regarding release date, pricing and carrier(s) of the HTC Hero and Tattoo next week. Also promised is “some HTC surprises…” – no clues as to what they might be, but there is a mention of “HTC’s new innovative branding”, so it could just be marketing- rather than product-related.