iiNet offers the most downloads in Australia with 1 terabyte

Internet service provider iiNet will become the first provider in Australia to offer a one million megabyte per month allowance in a bold new plan geared at big downloaders and customers looking to jump on the Internet TV bandwagon.

iiNet’s new plan aims to offer 500GB allowances in both peak and off-peak times, and will be available to users operating on bundled ADSL1 and ADSL2+ plans from August 20. Two 500GB allowances brings the total amount to 1000 gigabytes or 1 terabyte, a number that costs roughly a hundred bucks for in space on external storage these days.
With that amount of data, iiNet claims that customers can watch “the equivalent of more than 8000 half‐hour episodes of streaming or catch‐up television per month,” meaning online video sources like ABC iView, Seven’s Plus7, and Ninemsn’s FixPlay are unlikely to kill your bandwidth any time soon.
Computer purists might be inclined to argue that what iiNet is offering isn’t actually 1 terabyte. With 1,024 gigabytes making up a terabyte on your hard drive, it could be argued that iiNet would have to offer 512GB on-peak and 512GB off-peak for the number to actually translate to a full 1TB of monthly data quota. Sadly for the purists, transfer speeds are rated differently and 1 terabyte does translate to 1000 gigabytes of data.
Customers are unlikely to care about any of the semantics. With numbers as high as 500GB during each of the two peak time slots, there’s still plenty of data to work with, technicalities be damned.