In the future, your kitchen will talk to you

The good Swedes at IKEA have released a report telling us what our future kitchens will be like in 30 years time. Expect lights, music, and a holographic MasterChef judge grading you on your breakfast presentation.

We’re kidding about that last one (well, maybe!), but the rest – colourful lights and changing sounds – could actually become a reality according to the “Mother Of All Kitchens” report by The Future Laboratory commissioned by IKEA.
The report suggests that by 2040, our kitchen will be our “personal trainer, dietician, psychologist and lifestyle coach” and will respond to us physically and to some degree mentally.
Three kitchen concepts were devised and involved concepts ranging from growing your own food to self-cleaning surfaces to holographic chefs that could tell you how to cook that pizza you were thinking about making.
We don’t even have flying cars yet and we’re talking about kitchens that help us.
Regardless of what happens, you can probably be sure that there’ll be an allen key left over after assembling the futuristic kitchen.