“Right now our main models are the plane and the Steamliner. The plane was designed after the huge Hercules plane created by the great aviator Howard Hughes. The model stands on the base, which contains a winding mechanism that makes the plane rotors spin. As for the train, it has a retro-futuristic design. The layout of the wheels is reminiscent of the famous Union Pacific Big Boy. There is a winding key on its side to make the train run on the tracks. We also have some mechanical car models. There is no purpose of making them all realistic, for it is more beautiful and easier to assemble when the mechanisms remain seen. You can open the doors and hoods or turn the wheel. On top or on the side of the model there is a handle which you can turn and start the car. Our mechanical tank even reminds of a Faberge egg, decorated with intricate patterns and without any guns”, says Denis Ohrimenko.