Jamo C407

Reviewer: Thomas Bartlett

If you purchased loudspeakers like you do potatoes – seeking the best price per kilogram – you could stop right here. When I was collating the specifications for this article, I paused over Jamo’s claim of 25.8 kilograms each. Perhaps, I thought, that was actually the figure for a pair.

So I weighed them. The figure I used in the specifications is that from my scales: 23.90 kg. These are heavy speakers, and especially for this price category.

Part of that is excellent construction of their bass reflex loaded cabinets, but part would be due to the four drivers used in each. These are real three-way loudspeakers with one of the 165mm drivers dedicated to the midrange alone (150 to 2500 hertz) and two more solely for bass (up to 150 hertz).

The cones of these speakers invite attention due to their dark copper colour. Jamo doesn’t say, but they appear to be made, or at least surfaced, with some kind of fibreglass. The 25mm tweeter features Jamo’s ‘DTT’ technology, which decouples it from the cabinet, reducing interference with its operation by the larger drivers.

Befitting a large cabinet and plentiful drivers, the speakers are rated at high sensitivity and power handling. The latter is said to be good for 220 watts for peaks. I certainly found the speakers easy to drive loudly, and they remained very clean even at ridiculous levels. Part of this sense of volume was from the bass performance which was, perhaps, a touch more forward than with the other speakers examined here.

Not so much forward as to colour the spoken male vocal, but enough to give bass content in music considerable grunt. Nonetheless, the smooth midrange and cleanly delivered treble counterbalanced this to ensure that the music was delivered in full, with a detailed and accurate stereo image.

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Fine sound quality; Good efficiency and with tremendous power handling Went very loud
Bass a touch forward