Jamo i300

Should style be your number one criteria for a compact set of 2.1 speakers, then Jamo’s i300 will suit. It’s an expensive system, that’s for sure, but it’s hard to go past the glossy white (or black) casing and the subtle silver trim.

This is an iPod dock system, but the iPod dock is included in a separate module rather than built into the top of the sub. The dock and the satellite speakers all have very long cables, which makes arranging the i300 very easy.

The power rating on the unit isn’t too bad, pumping a combined 300 watt from the three speakers. The amplifier in the sub is a D-class digital unit which produces less heat.

That means the system doesn’t need ugly heatsinks, which would spoil its elegant lines, and also reduces the size of the sub. It also makes for beautiful crisp audio, even at high volume.

As for inputs, you get on stereo-in on the back of the sub (ideal for keeping ugly cables out of sight from the PC), as well as the iPod dock. To show Jamo isn’t biased, there’s also a stereo-in on the back of the dock, so you can use any device with a stereo-out.

Despite the price, the i300 is easily one of the more attractive of the systems in this catogory, and has the sound quality to back up its good looks.

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