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It’s getting warm, and that means it’s time to get healthy, you know, because you have to fit into swimmers and bikinis. Helping out is technology, and Jawbone’s latest offerings aim not only to help you when you’re awake, but also when you’re sleeping, too.

It’s not like it’ll be hard to find gadgets to help you shed those kilos either, with gizmos for your wrist, your waist, for you to stand on and run to and do all manner of things.

The fitness friendly wearable market is a big one, and gadgets you can pin to your body are big business, with everyone getting in on the action, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and TomTom to name a few.

Jawbone has been there for a while with its Up bracelet, a health band we’ve liked in the past in both the Up and Up 24 incarnations, and now it’s time to see what the company has been cooking up since we last saw it fiddle with health earlier in the year.

For its new models, it appears Jawbone is still interested in the wrist band concept, but is changing it a little, while adding a sort of “Up Lite” model for people who are curious about the concept, but not game enough to plonk down the money for a dedicated health gadget, so there are two to look.

First is the little model, and that’s the Up Move, an entry level fitness tracker that is small and will communicate with a modern smartphone or tablet when you walk, run, jump, and sleep just like the previous Jawbone models, but is much, much smaller.

“Up Move is a fun, easy way to track activity and at just $69.00, it’s a great option for anyone at the beginning of a fitness or weight loss journey,” said Travis Bogard, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at Jawbone.

“Incorporating the same best-in-class lifestyle and activity-tracking features of our Up and Up24 bands, Up Move combines style, versatility and comfort with highly accurate tracking and personalised guidance.”

The new gadget is positively tiny, and looking at it last week during our briefing, we remarked how ideal it would be for a button, with sensors to track steps using MotionX technology, and a way of connecting to phones using Bluetooth Smart to relay all the information you need in a gadget barely bigger than a watch face.

And a watch face is an interesting gadget to compare it to, because while the Up Move has been designed primarily as a fitness tracker, a small series of LEDs underneath its physical face will turn the Up Move into a small watch, telling you the hour and minutes, while still being able to track you when used on your wrist.

Alternatively, you can cling it your clothing and track your movements from the waist, or even another part of your person that can take the Up Move’s clip.

Sleeping is also trackable, with light sleep and deep sleep analysed, similar to what we’ve seen from previous Jawbone activity trackers.