Jawbone raises Up with addition of other health gadget platforms

When you have a device like the Jawbone Up fitness band, you can bet that you’ve probably considered or already own other health gadgets. That’s why this week, we’re excited to see Jawbone working with other providers, announcing that its iOS platform will work with other pieces of fitness tech.

Announced this week, Jawbone’s iOS version of Up will now work with other health gadgets, with the aim for everyone getting along and giving you a perfect picture of your health.

“The UP platform is another step in building a broader ecosystem that helps people everywhere live healthier lives,” said Travis Bogard, Jawbone’s Vice President of Product Management and Strategy.

“The platform allows our community to create extremely personal experiences tailored to their lifestyles and goals, and enhance the apps they’re already using. And, our unique approach to building an API with bi-directional data sharing benefits developers and partners as they seek to reach new customers and design experiences that weren’t before possible.”

Jawbone's Up software should now connect to more devices to give you a better picture of health. While these images are from the Android version, the current release of the platform only supports iOS.

Jawbone’s update includes 10 apps for Up that connect the fitness band with other gadgets and pieces of software already out there, including the very popular RunKeeper app for smartphones and the Withings digital scale.

The information from these apps can then be run through the Up feed, with it showing up in the lifeline, and providing a more complete picture of what you’re doing and living like than just what the band can accommodate.

At the moment, the Up platform with apps integration is only supported on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), though we’re asking about support for Android and hope to have an answer soon.