JBL climbs sonic peaks with the Project Everest DD66000


In a move that reaffirms the company?s position as the foremost manufacturer of consumer and professional loudspeakers, JBL launched its Project Everest DD66000 loudspeaker. The Project Everest DD66000 ? designed and manufactured entirely without compromise to set a new standard in audio reproduction ? is the finest loudspeaker ever created by JBL.

Winner of the Best of Innovations 2007 award in the High-Performance Audio category, the DD66000, designed to celebrate JBL?s 60th anniversary, combines the heritage of six decades of loudspeaker design expertise with today?s most advanced materials, components and technologies, and exceptional engineering talent. It delivers remarkable sonic accuracy and musical realism.

The DD66000 excels in every sonic respect, with authoritative bass, a pure, detailed midrange and open, extended high-frequency response beyond 50kHz. The DD66000 combines the superlative dynamic range and transient response, and ?effortless? quality of horn-loaded compression drivers with the precise imaging, three-dimensional soundstage and articulate low-frequency impact provided by the finest dynamic drivers. The DD66000 delivers remarkably natural vocal and instrumental reproduction, and faithfully reproduces the sonic environment present on the original recording.

The Project Everest DD66000 is stunning and unique in appearance. Evocative of JBL?s legendary Hartsfield and Paragon loudspeakers, the DD66000 combines classic JBL design elements with refined contemporary styling, featuring curved and angled surfaces and a contoured horizontal midrange horn that enhances the loudspeaker?s striking visual appeal. The DD66000 is available in an elegant rosewood finish. Premium wood finishes ? ebony, cherry and maple, all exceptionally crafted ? are also available.

The Project Everest DD66000 incorporates a host of innovative loudspeaker technologies. Its 045Be-1 ultrahigh-frequency driver uses a 25mm (1-inch) beryllium diaphragm and 50mm (2-inch) neodymium magnet to produce frequency response beyond 50kHz. The 476Be high-frequency compression driver utilizes a 100mm (4-inch), pure-beryllium diaphragm with a 100mm (4-inch) aluminium edge-wound voice coil, and JBL?s rapid-flare, coherent-wave phasing plug. A high efficiency neodymium-magnet motor structure features refinements such as a pure-copper-sleeved pole piece that maintains maximum magnetic-gap flux and delivers superior sound quality at any volume, with exceptional clarity and resolution.

These leading-edge transducers operate in conjunction with Bi-Radial® horns that are made from dense and inert SonoGlass® material, eliminating unwanted sonic colorations. The horns are shaped to provide optimum dispersion in the horizontal and vertical planes, for smooth frequency response and precise imaging. The 1501AL 380mm (15-inch) woofer utilizes an Aquaplas-treated-pulp cone that preserves sonic neutrality while damping internal resonances and providing controlled and articulate bass response. The crossover network is designed to allow the woofers to operate in different frequency ranges, a configuration that provides optimum directivity and high output. The crossover network employs a DC battery bias system that keeps the capacitors operating in Class A mode, yielding maximum sonic purity.

The DD66000 features front-mounted control panels that enable precise tuning of low-frequency and high-frequency level and other characteristics, to achieve maximum sonic performance in any system and room. The DD66000 is built to the highest standards, utilizing premium internal components such as polypropylene foil capacitors, and wire-wound and metal-oxide resistors and air-core inductors. Extensive internal bracing provides additional rigidity to eliminate unwanted internal resonances.

The measured performance of the DD66000 is exemplary. The frequency response of the system is extremely smooth and extended. Directivity and power response are highly uniform, harmonic distortion is reduced to inaudible levels, and dynamic linearity is unparalleled.

The JBL Project Everest loudspeaker is a special order product and is available at a suggested retail price of $80,000 pair for the rosewood finish and for premium wood finishes.

Source: JBL