JBL takes a turn with two tiny speakers

Portable audio is becoming the new must have thing to keep with you, because if you love sound — and who doesn’t? — you may as well have a tiny boombox in your backpack when you need it. But why only rely on a backpack when you can also clip a speaker to yourself.

Two products are on the way from audio powerhouse JBL that won’t bring out the best off your home theatre, but rather your phone or tablet, as JBL adds a couple to the Bluetooth speaker movement.

First, there’s the Charge 2 (above), an updated model of the “Charge” speaker, with two drivers and passive bass radiators, with the Bluetooth able to connect to up to three people at once, making arguments over music control a possibility as the three would-be DJs try to stop (and start) the music.

Inside the JBL Charge 2, there’s a 6000mAh battery, which we’re told should deliver as much as 12 hours of life, and it will fit into small luggage.

Pricing for the Charge 2 comes in at $299.99, but it won’t be the only model JBL is dishing up this year.

Joining it is the JBL Clip (above), a Bluetooth speaker able to clip itself to your person, letting you play music up loud while you’re doing things.

The Clip weighs 150 grams and can taker music either using wired or wireless, with a hands-free built into the pack as well.

Pricing for the JBL Clip comes in at $69.99, with both speakers available now in electronics stores across Australia.