Kensington release a range of netbook computer accessories

Kensington has announced the launch of Australia’s first dedicated netbook accessories range. Designed to help you get the most out of your netbook computer, the range includes compact mice, cushioned cases and slimline locks, all stylishly designed – so now you can take your netbook computer out and about without worrying about it being damaged or stolen.

Kensington’s netbook accessories range

Netbook mouse: Compact and easy to use, the built-in scroll wheel simplifies navigation. These mice are fit to scale for the 30 – 90 minute netbook usage model. Available in two variations – wired, RRP $19.95 or wireless, $39.95.

Netbook security lock: Kensington’s iconic, top selling lock has been modified for netbooks to keep your computer safer than ever. The compressed coil lock is only 78 mm long but expands to 1.8 metres, so you can lock your netbook down and keep it safe from straying hands, RRP $29.95.

Netbook case: This sleek, reversible case is cushioned to shield your computer from damage whilst on the move. Lightweight but protective, it will prevent scratching and denting to keep your netbook looking stylish for longer. RRP $19.95.