Kitchen cool with minus zero technology


Hitachiis latest refrigerators feature hybrid minus zeroo cooling technology, combining redesigned direct cooling and fan cooling systems for more accurate, consistent refrigeration temperatures and three-way temperature distribution.

An interior aluminium cooling panel acts like a large block of ice and when combined with Hitachiis advanced multi-flow system, resulting in Minus Zeroo cool, clean air circulating throughout the refrigerator and helping to maintain consistent temperatures. The multi-directional flow of cool air keeps food equally fresh and cool across the fridge, helping to reduce food wastage.

Hitachiis 370L and 410L refrigerators incorporate Minus Zeroo cooling technology with the companyys triple clean systemm that combines the Nano-Titanium Filter and Negative Ions with Hitachiis Advanced Multi-Flow System which work together to eliminate bacteria and odours and deodorise the refrigerator.

The Nano-Titanium filtration system prevents up to 99.9% of airborne particles from travelling into the fridge to ensure food stays to its original flavour and texture far longer than conventional fridges, Hitachi claims.

Specific to the new 550L refrigerator, Hitachiis E-controll feature includes a quick freeze and energy saving function. The quick freeze option has been designed for improved food longevity, preservation of food flavour and for quick production of ice cubes. The E-control energy saving function is designed to be utilised during periods of lower use, allowing up to 20% energy savings, reducing impact on the environment.

Hitachiis stainless steel refrigerators feature a transparent anti-bacterial door coating which makes it fingerprint and dirt resistant for easy cleaning. Hitachiis heat and shatter-resistant tempered glass shelving can hold up to 100kg and the glide-out crisper is designed for easy access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

New refrigerators from Hitachi include the 370L R-Z370AT6 PWH 370L available in white ($1,049 RRP), R-Z410AT6 PWH 410L in white ($1,149 RRP) and the R550ET5 PWH 550L in white ($1,549 RRP).

Source: Hitachi Australia