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Designed by Scottish-born Neil Poulton, it’s a hard drive designed to stay on your desk, with a chrome finish and a stand that makes the drive more like a piece of furniture rather than just another accessory or peripheral.


Called the “Chromé” — complete with the accent over the e — it’s also not just another hard drive, either, relying on a pair of 500GB M2 SSDs running in RAID 0 inside the case, allowing the files to be spread across both drives in a 1TB capacity, which LaCie says should deliver speeds as high as 940MB per second.

To let you get this speed, you’ll want a USB 3.1 connection on your computer, which can achieve the nearly 10Gbps speed being offered by the drive, which in turn equates to a little over one gigabyte per second.

If you don’t have one, no worries, because a standard USB 3.0 cable will also be included in the box like it is with LaCie’s Porsche drives, just don’t expect the same super-fast performance.


Also like the Porsche drives, it’s a drive encased entirely in aluminium, using the metal for both strength in design and heat dissipation, but unlike the LaCie Porsche products, the Chromé is hand assembled and then chromed to have a mirror look to it.

“The LaCie Chromé is a concept reduced to its essence: a rectangle tilted onto its corner, melting into its base like quicksilver,” said Neil Poulton, Chromé designer.


As to how much this one will cost, no Australian pricing or availability has been confirmed at this time, which is much the same for LaCie’s 2016 Porsche line-up.

That said, we’ll let you know when we know, though we’d expect a time frame of March to May for this one.