Laptop and Netbook Round Up

Whether it’s back to school or back to work, there’s a portable budget computer to suit. Here’s our pick of today’s best value netbooks and notebooks.

Notebooks have never been more affordable than now. For considerably less than $1000 you can now get either a full-size desktop replacement notebook or an ultra-portable netbook. The former is great if you use the notebook as your primary PC at home, school and work. The smaller and lighter netbooks work as supplementary PCs, providing highly portable computing power at a low price.

Netbook choices

Over the next couple of pages, we’ve taken a quick look at some of the more affordable notebook and netbook models on the market. At the low-end, you can get a 10.1 inch (25cm)  netbook now for less than $400, but it’s in full-size laptops that we’re seeing some really great deals. Major brands selling 15.6 inch (40cm) laptops for less than $600 – who’d have thought?