Lego 2K Drive looks like an awesome open world racing game

Lego 2K Drive

Imagine the popular racing series Forza Horizon but made entirely of Lego – that’s what Lego 2K Drive looks like. Announced today by publisher 2K, it’s a driving adventure game made by Visual Concepts, the developer known for the NBA 2K and WWE 2K series of sports sims. What’s more, it’s only a couple of months away.

Based in a vibrant world known as Bricklandia, Lego 2K Drive looks to be a big open world game filled with racing, customisation, and lots of multiplayer fun. True to the Lego brand, building your dream vehicles promises to be a core part of the experience.

2K also dropped a trailer to coincide with the announcement, showing off plenty of speedy mayhem. Based on the footage alone, this Lego racing game will be an absolute hit.

High-octane racing in Lego 2K Drive

Made for enjoying solo and with friends, Lego 2K Drive even features a story mode, with the aim of winning the coveted Sky Cup Trophy. Along the way, you explore a diverse world, compete in races and minigames, find collectibles, and dabble in some destruction. Lego fans will recognize vehicles from the brand’s various collections including City, Speed Champions, and Creator. Real-life motoring enthusiasts also have something to look forward to: the McLaren Solus GT and McLaren F1 LM recreated in Lego form.

As seen in the trailer, Lego 2K Drive’s gameplay looks to be a mix of Forza Horizon’s sprawling open world exploration and Mario Kart’s zany arcade action. There are plenty of tracks to race on, in addition to power-ups to add some unpredictability to the mix. Of course, the best racing games let you play with and against others, so it’s great to see two-player split-screen supported and online multiplayer.

For the Lego builders, you’ll be pleased to know there are over 1,000 Lego pieces available to construct your vehicle with. This includes no shortage of cosmetic options to make your whip look exactly how you want it.

Release date and price

Available on just about every current platform, Lego 2K Drive is $89.95 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles, it’ll be slightly more expensive at $99.95.

Bear in mind, that’s just for the standard version of the game. Two other editions, titled Awesome Edition and Awesome Rivals Edition, cost $149.95 and $170.90 respectively. They include the base version of the game plus some extras, including future content updates.

The good news is that you won’t have to wait long to drift brick-shaped cars around the track, as Lego 2K Drive launches on 19 May. Except for the two more expensive versions of the game that let you play starting on the 16th. Paying more for slightly earlier access is an annoying practice that’s become normalised in the games industry in recent years, but waiting a few extra days isn’t too big of a deal.

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