Lenovo makes the tablet more about entertainment than ever

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As phablets start to erode the usefulness of the tablet, you might be wondering just what to use a 10 inch tablet with. For Lenovo, the answer is clear: entertainment.

At the IFA show in Germany this week, one of the world’s largest suppliers of computers is talking tablets, upgrading a couple of last year’s models to give people more than just a device made for utility, but one for entertainment.

Three are being shown, as the company brings in version 3 of its Yoga tablet range, arriving in the 8 and 10 inch Yoga Tab 3, as well as the 10 inch Yoga Tab 3 Pro.


First there’s the basic Tab 3, and this one feels a little like Lenovo is going backwards.

While last year’s Yoga Tablet 2 sported a Full HD screen, for the Tab 3, Lenovo is going back to a smaller resolution, dropping to 720p at 1280×800, which we’re not sure we understand. We’re hoping this change will translate to better prices, and with 16GB storage and only 1GB RAM on both the 8 and 10 inch versions, these definitely aren’t high-end devices, though Lenovo is keeping that neato hinge and stand around, complete with the hole cut out, handy if you want to hang the tablet up.


Simply put, Lenovo appears to have built a basic tablet, but it will have something else out alongside these in the form of the Yoga Tab 3 Pro, and while the others felt like they were a step backwards, this one appears to be going in the right direction.

We never managed a full review of last year’s Yoga Tab 2 Pro, but if you saw it, you’d have found an unorthodox 13 inch tablet with a just-as-unorthodox inclusion of a pico projector found in the body. Just like that, voila, you could project your media onto the wall, handy for keeping the kids busy.


In the Yoga Tab 3 Pro, Lenovo is going back to a more useful 10.1 inch size, bringing the resolution to a Quad HD screen size of 2560×1600, and packing in a brighter and more capable projector able to project a 70 inch display.

This one retains the aluminium build Lenovo’s devices have become known for, and even throws in a “leather-like fabric back” as well as splash-proof design, operating on an Intel Atom processor with a standby time of up to 49 days, though real-world use time will noticeably be less.

The hole in the stand means you can hold the tablet up, hanging it on a hook.
The hole in the stand means you can hold the tablet up, hanging it on a hook.

“At Lenovo, we strive to deliver tablets that closely match consumers’ needs to enhance their tablet experience,” said Lenovo’s Jeff Meredith, adding “we know from research that a tablet today is a consumption device and most frequently used for watching videos of all sorts.”

“The latest Yoga Tab 3 series represents the epitome of entertainment for users on the go and home alike, realising a whole new level of visual and auditory experience never before possible on a tablet platform. We are giving them flexibility to access their on-demand content anytime and anywhere, without being tethered to their couch.”


As a point of interest, while Ashton Kutcher was previously one of the driving forces of the Yoga series, his input appears to be missing in action on these announcements, though we’re sure we’ll find out why closer to release.

That’s happening in Australia, by the way, because while IFA announcements are usually a little wobbly about local pricing or firm release dates, Lenovo has said that the Yoga Tab 3 series of devices will be shipping in Australia and New Zealand in October.