Libratone’s fuzzy speaker shrinks, keep away from cats

Earlier this year, we checked out a new large lounge speaker covered in fine Italian cashmere wool, and while the audio sounded okay, we were concerned that cats would find the desire to play with a $1600 speaker a little too tempting.

Now Libratone is introducing a smaller model, perfect for that kitten in your life that loves new toys.

Designed for the truly wireless environment, the Libratone Zipp is a new battery powered speaker that features the same fuzzy wool from the big model, but shrunk down to a much smaller product.

A charge offers up to four hours of wireless playback, which can be streamed over Apple’s AirPlay technology, though for a nice change, it doesn’t require WiFi thanks to a Libratone feature called “PlayDirect” which manages to skip the wireless networks and connect a client – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, or PC – directly to the speaker.

“We wanted to design a speaker that makes high-end sound, portable and truly wireless,” said Libratone’s Tommy Andersen. “PlayDirect technology makes Libratone Zipp a wireless, out of the box product.”

The design looks to be very modern, and there are quite a few colours to choose from, all easily changed for a different colour piece of Italian wool, just in case the kitten in your home has decided that the new speaker is a portable scratching post.

From $499.95, though, it’s an expensive scratching post, so try to keep it out of reach from feline friends.