Liebherr SBSes 7053

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This refrigerator/wine cellar/freezer combination features Liebherr’s exclusive BioFresh technology that allows users to keep foods according to their needs. The DrySafe with low humidity is ideal for storing meat, fish and milk products whilst the HydroSafe, with its high humidity, is suitable for preserving fruit and vegetables. Foods stored in a BioFresh compartment at their ideal humidity will last three times longer than in a conventional refrigerator compartment, Liebherr says. This model also features an automatic ice maker and two independently controlled temperature zones in the wine cellar.

Energy rating

Refrigerator and BioFresh: 5.5 stars (energy consumption 345kWh per year)

Wine Cellar / Freezer: 3.5 stars (energy consumption 449kWh per year)


1,240 x 1,850 x 580 mm (W x H x D)

What we liked

  • Three door storage options: fridge, wine cellar and freezer spaces
  • BioFresh compartment that keeps fruit and vegetables up to three times longer than conventional fridge storage areas
  • SuperCool function
  • Can store 41 bottles (750 ml) of wine in the wine cellar
  • Electronic temperature controls
  • Variety of crisper storage areas
  • Adjustable solid shelves
  • Audible door opening warning system
  • Digital temperature display
  • Variety of storage spaces for fruit and vegetables
  • Audible door open alarm
  • Three door structure (wine cellar, fridge and freezer)

…and what we didn’t

The price!

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Versatile storage options (wine cellar, fridge and freezer options), elegant design, digital temperature display, super cool, BioFresh DrySafe and HydroSafe drawers
The price... ouch!