Livescribe lets you connect paper to email and Facebook

Still like scribbling your thoughts down on paper? Livescribe has now worked out how you can send your scratchings over the web, with an update now available.

Available for both the previously released Livescribe Pulse and Echo smartpens, the new “Livescribe Connect” update allows users to link words to actions and send your written pages to your computer in PDF format or over the web to services such as Facebook and Google Docs.

“Livescribe is liberating notes and evolving human communication, collaboration, productivity, and learning,” said Jim Marggraff, founder and CEO of Livescribe. “With Livescribe Connect, it is easy to make your handwritten notes and spoken information digital, searchable, shareable and accessible any time, anywhere with a simple tap of your smarten.”

The release comes as Livescribe releases a 2GB version of the Echo smartpen, now coming it at a $149 RRP price point. This move looks to bring in students and hook them on Livescribe’s digital note-taking system. Buyers of this new product can expect the new Connect functionality, but will miss out on premium features including support for sending pages to email and Google Docs. Labelled under “Connect Premium,” these features can be purchased for $14.99, but are available free to users of the 4GB and 8GB Echo pens released last year.

After playing with the Connect feature, we can see ourselves using this feature more and more, especially since some of us still jot down notes as opposed to writing them down on a tablet or computer.

It would be much easier if Livescribe had a wireless pen to save us on the requirement to dock the pen, but we’ve been told that this is something Livescribe is working on for a future product.