Livescribe Pulse Smartpen gets an apps store

The Livescribe Pulse smartpen was already a pretty good little device. But as of today, with the beta launch of the Livescribe Application Store, it is even better. What does the Pulse SmartPen do? We cover the main features in Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen – computer meets pen.

Additonally, Livescribe have launched version 2.0 software for the Pulse Smartpen and the Livescribe desktop software, which will extend the organisation of notes and recordings, plus of course allow the installation of the new apps.

At launch there are 30 apps available for download, some free, many around the $3 to $5 mark. The most expensive is the $99 Magic Yad app, designed to help Jewish students studying for their Bah Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah.

Other app highlights are:

  • Video Poker – developed by Aussies, it simulates a 5 card poker game. Yes, your very own pocket card machine.
  • Japanese Travel Phrases and Spanish Travel Phrases – perfect for travellers or students. Write out the word in English on your Livescribe notebook, tap the word you’ve written and hear the word spoken in Spanish or Japanese. Or vice versa.
  • Piano – fire up the app, draw a box of certain dimensions in your notebook, and voila, sing us a song you’re the piano man
  • Talking Field Guide – have facts and figures ready before you go in on your next sales call or business pitch

There’s also a couple of fact list apps – such as US Presidents, World Series Champions – and the good new is that early in 2010, Livescribe will update their software to allow you to generate your own such fact list from a spreadsheet. No programming at all, just make a list.

If you want to take a look at the app store, visit the Livescribe website (link will opne in a new window). Keep in mind that prices are in US dollars. Livescribe intend in the near future to sell in multiple currencies.

At the time of writing there are more than 5,500 developers registered, and between 50 and 100 new developers register for the software development kit each week. So it’s a case of watching where the creative and programming folk take the smartpen.

The Pulse Smartpen available now is the 2GB version for $169, offering up to 200 hours of recording time, in the titanium colourway. Early in 2020 there’ll be a 4GB version released, at a price of $199 RRP. There’ll be a second option for the 4GB Pulse Smartpen, the Pro-Pack version, with the pen in an exclusive matte black colour, starter notebook, leather carry case, the Livescribe MyScript app that turns your handwritten notes into typed text, and the Pro charging cradle.

If you do purchase a Pulse, be sure to register your purchase, as you’ll be kept informed of software updates and new apps.

So what we have is a very smart, very useful device, about to get a whole lot smarter and more useful.