Macs not safe from malware

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Leading malware detection and removal company Malwarebytes says it is time to explode the myth that Macs are immune to virus and malware.

Based on its telemetry, malware targeting Mac operating systems increased by 270% from 2016 to 2017. New threats identified in the first two months of 2018 indicate a similar pace of malware development.

Malwarebytes has announced the extension of its endpoint protection to Mac operating systems. Initially, it is aimed at businesses using Macs.

Mac Endpoint for Enterprise Protection Features

  • Single Dashboard – A single dashboard unites Endpoint Protection for Windows and Mac computers for easy use by the system administrator
  • Protection without Connection – Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection does not require a constant connection to the cloud platform, meaning users are still protected when they are not connected
  • Compliance – Enterprise compliance programs may safely incorporate Macs with Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection on board as a validated, PCI DSS-Validated replacement for traditional antivirus (AV) solutions

“The landscape today is far from the homogeneous computing environment of a decade ago,” said Marcin Kleczynski, CEO, Malwarebytes.

“Businesses are increasingly operating with a mix of Windows and Mac machines. Now, organisations can ensure the sanctity and security of their operations, with a solution that protects the business environment that exists today – with multiple operating systems at work under multiple roofs.”

“The impact has been unbelievable; I can easily say that of all of our budgeted security projects for last year, Malwarebytes had the most impact. It has been hugely beneficial to our security strategy,” said Kevin Merolla, Global IT Security Engineer, Chart Industries. “Malwarebytes has vaporised ransomware and runs silently unless it detects a serious threat that we need to investigate.”

GadgetGuy’s take – malware on Macs is real

Whenever I suspect a computer has malware, I use Malwarebytes to detect and clean it. It has never let me down discovering things that commercial antivirus and malware detectors do not. On a trust scale, Malwarebytes is way up there!

Consumers can access its free Malwarebytes for Windows, Mac and Android and run it to check for malware, spyware etc.