Masai Barefoot Technology: Pilates for your feet

While in the past you might have visited the gym or a sports store to find the latest and greatest in work out equipment, now thanks to MBT, one of the most effective body shapers in the world is available by the pair, at selected shoe stores!

MBT is physiological footwear, meaning footwear that has positive effects on the entire body….put on a pair of MBTs and you can exercise, tone and shape, simply by being active while wearing them.

MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology and were developed by Swiss Engineer, Karl Muller, on the principle that the Masai people know neither shoes or back pain. Because they walk barefoot on the natural, soft, uneven ground of their East African homeland, the Masai activate the very muscles that degenerate through walking in conventional street shoes on hard, even surfaces. MBTs world wide patented design creates the instability one feels when going barefoot on a natural surface, thus strengthening and toning leg, stomach, posterior and back muscles while you walk! MBTs may also assist in reducing body weight, by engaging neglected muscle groups which increases oxygen intake and thereby calorie consumption.

Masai Barefoot Technology and Pilates work towards the same goals – Overall health and wellbeing through training your muscles to improve posture and alignment. By focusing on your core strength, you enhance the little muscles in the body so you’re better able to support the larger ligaments, tendons and joints.

While extremely comfortable to wear, creating the feeling of walking on a sandy beach or mossy forest floor, MBTs induce a state of instability in the entire musculo-skeletal system that must be incessantly compensated by activating the multitude of tiny muscles throughout the whole body. They also have a pivot point that promotes postural alignment when walking and standing.

MBT are so passionate about getting your first steps towards a new level of fitness right, they offer free MBT walking workshops at selected locations nationally.

While MBTs were initially designed as a prevention and rehab tool for people with back and joint pain, 10 years of development in testing and research to refine and perfect their design, and extensive studies (Calgary University, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Sheffield Hallam University) have shown, MBT is the only footwear clinically proven to:

  • Increase muscle activity in legs and buttocks
  • Improve posture
  • Provides a more effective work-out
  • Activate and strengthen neglected muscle groups
  • Decrease shock in the knees and hips as well as relieve arthritic conditions
  • May reduce back pain and numerous other conditions

In a nutshell, MBTs is literally a step in the right direction towards improving your health and fitness!

Source: MBT