Mintt 2020 smartphone range – A5, X5 and Y5

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The Mintt 2020 smartphone range – the A5 ($229), X5 ($299) and the Y5 ($399) are at the top of their class – as its 2019 range was. We have all three for review, but that takes time, so here is an overview.

First, a little about Mintt

This time last year, Mintt, a south-pacific based smartphone company, entered the Australian market. Now enter the A5, X5 and Y5 – the annual model refresh. These show improved specifications over the 2019 range – that was pretty good anyway.

Last year Mintt was a minnow in the red ocean (a marketing term for dog-eat-dog). “How dare it pee on my turf?” said one smartphone company and went to work trying to discredit it. Some tame media lapdogs lapped up the bile directed at it.

GadgetGuy took a different tact. We took the bile and went to Mintt to verify or disprove. After all, we won’t risk our credibility on just any company.

The Queensland-based company came up clean. It was open, it had sought ACMA approvals and had SAR tested its products. What is more, it was using a new, online-only sales model with a genuine desire to bring quality to the mass-market price range. You can read more here but know that 2019 X3 scored 4.4/5 and the Y3 4.9/5.

It is nice to see Mintt made it through the first year. Even so, the 2019 Y3 is still a class leader with a 6.3″ LPTS GG5 screen, 4050mAh battery, 18W fast and Qi charging at $399!

Mintt advises us that it is now working with an Australian Distributor and its phones will soon be in more than 200 Australian shops. It also confirmed a new partnership with Boost, a major MVNO. The A5/X5 get a Sim starter Pack and the Y5 a $10 Sim pack.

Stay tuned as it begins its journey from the Red ocean to the Blue ocean.

Are Mintt smartphones any good?

The short answer is yes – they have great features and specifications for the price.

The only caveat is that it is currently an online-only model, so that means all communications are via its website.

If you have a warranty claim its automated help system (based on the industry-standard ZenDesk) is efficient, and it covers the cost of postage both ways.

If you have an issue, it could take a week or two to resolve it. Mintt reduces this by a swap warranty, but sometimes good old Australia Post (not) can add several days to the process.

Several of my friends use Mintt, especially the Y3 and have been totally happy. The only complaint from one is that the Y3 did not have ‘dual ring tones’ for dual-sim use. Few phones do, and we now test for this in all reviews.

BTW – Mintt has no relation to, Mint Mobile ( or Mintt Flagship 1 in the USA that all have an appalling TrustPilot rating.

Mintt 2020 smartphone range

  • Australian website here
  • Price: A5 $229, X5 $299 and Y5 $399
  • Free Australia-wide delivery on orders over $200 (limited time)
  • Warranty: 12-months ACL which includes Mintt covering postage both ways

Mintt 2020 smartphone range specs

These are pre-release specs subject to change – E&OE

ItemA5 $229X5 $299Y5 $399
1080p@30fps MP4/3GP/AVI/H.264/H.265
IMG GE8320
Mail G72
Storage32GB eMMC64GB eMMC128GB eMMC
micro-SDexpandable to 256GBsamesame
Resolution1560×7201600×7202340 x 1080
ProtectionPandaPandaGorilla Glass
157×75.1x 8.65mm
 FramePlastic back cover
Plastic frame
 same same
SIMDual hybrid with microSDsameDual sim standby
UL (Mbps)50MbpssameTBA
DL (Mbps)150MbpssameTBA
Wi-FiWi-Fi 5 AC dual-bandsamesame
Battery mAh400040004050
USBUSB-C 2.0 OTGsamesame
Charge5V/1.5A (7.5W)5V/2A (10W)Supports 18W fast charge and QI Wireless charge
Front Camera   
MP8MP13MP16MP but can bin to 4MP
Pixel size1.12um1.12um1.0um but can bin to 2.0
Rear Camera   
SensorSamsung 3L6 / OV2680 / OV2680Samsung 3L6 / Samsung 4H7YX03 / GC2145S5KGM1/ 4H7YX03/ OV2680
Pixel size1.12um /1.75um /1.75um1.0um/1.12um /1.75um.8um (bins to 1.6um)/1.12/1.75um
FlashSingle flashsameDual
MicSingle MICsameDual with NC
Earphones jack3.5mmsamesame
Policy  TBA same same

In the box

In the boxPhonesamesame
 .Factory screen protector . .
 .TPU bumper case . .
 .Charger and USB-A to USB-C cable . .
 .Earphones . .


CompetitorsMotorola e6S 32GB $179
Nokia 2.3 $199
vivo Y12 $199
Alcatel 3x 65GB $199
OPPO AX5s 64GB $239
Samsung A11 32GB $249
Moto g8 Power Lite 64GB $249
Realme C3 $269
OPPO AX7 $279
OPPO A52 64GB $299
Moto G8 $299
Nokia 5.3 64GB $299
vivo Y30 64GB $299
Samsung A21s 32GB $329
OPPO A9 128GB $349 Moto G8 Plus $349
vivo X50 128GB $399
OPPO A91 128GB $449 Samsung Galaxy A31 128GB $399

GadgetGuy’s take – the Mintt 2020 smartphone range are good, honest value

This year’s range builds on last years – updates in processors, ram, storage and cameras. I kind of like the annual refresh when other makers feel the need to tart things up quarterly-or-half-yearly to revitalise sales.

Mintt also has a range of accessories for each model so you can get a leather case for $25.

Specs are just a start so look for our reviews. In the meantime, put Mintt on your shopping list if you are considering any of the competitor’s phones. The fact that a small Aussie company is up there on value and no spec compromises with the name brands is impressive.

My pick is the Y5 as it has NFC and QI wireless. But if you don’t need that the X5 and A5 look pretty competitive too.