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You may not have heard of Mintt before (unless you watch Channel 9’s The Block), but I suspect you soon will. It has a range of smartphones sold online only from $179 to $399 that have excellent specifications for the price.

Now it would have been easy to call Mintt another online, cheap phone flogger, but as we did due diligence we were increasingly impressed with the sincerity of the Australian partners and the lengths they went to satisfy some tough questions. After all, GadgetGuy enjoys an 87+% credibility rating, and we are not about to sacrifice that for any vendor.

So, we set about ascertaining the companies bona fides and whether its smartphones have Australian certification. You may recall that all our reviews heavily support the ‘genuine certified phone movement’ from genuine Australian retailers.

What is Mintt Australia?

Mintt Australia (website here) is a partnership between Queenslander’s Susan and Murdo McRae and Mintt Global/NWTL Group. The company has Australia registration and pays GST and taxes here.

Since 1989 the Gui family (NWTL Group) has built an impressive empire in PNG and more recently a retail and online mobile phone and technology company servicing regions that many larger tech companies overlook, including the South Pacific and South-East Asia.

It aims to provide technology that is up to date, great quality and affordable, especially to those who may live in extremely remote locations. Its tagline is ‘Enjoy the Good Life’ and ‘Affordable smartphones and lifestyle devices’.

Mintt’s GM Damian Ames said,

“Mintt smartphones offer all the sleek styling, quality and features Australians have told us they want, at a price they can afford. There is no compromise. We believe Australians should not have to be locked into expensive contracts to purchase the latest phone or choose to buy refurbished older model phones with old specs and limited warranty when they can own a phone with the latest features, full warranty, for less. Mintt is all about delivering the latest technology and value.”

BTW – Don’t confuse Mintt with Mint Mobile in the US that get shocking reviews for customer service.

Our mate Trevor Long from EFTM interviewed Jim Gui, CEO on a Current Affair

We agree with Trev – the specifications are impressive for the price point.

Are Mintt phones certified for Australia?

All Mintt smartphones have RCM (C-tick) certification. They are fully compliant with all Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) requirements for use in Australia.

Mintt RCA

In a statement, an ACMA spokesman said the regulator “does not certify mobile phone handsets or other devices for the Australian market”.

“Regulations imposed by the ACMA require suppliers of mobile phone handsets to ensure products comply with all applicable Australian standards, label the handset with the Regulatory Compliance Mark and to register on the national supplier database.”

“The national supplier database currently lists Mintt Australia Pty Ltd as a registered supplier. Testing of products can be undertaken overseas if the testing is performed by a laboratory accredited under the Internal Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation for the relevant Australian standard.”

“The ACMA also investigates reports of non-compliant devices being sold in Australia. Convictions for supplying non-compliant products in Australian include penalties of up to $25,000 for individual and $315,000 for companies. Reports of non-compliant devices being sold in Australia can be made at the ACMA website.”

GadgetGuy has seen RCM test reports as well as SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) radiofrequency energy absorption tests (here). The phones support all Australian LTE bands 1, 3, 7, 8, and 28.

All products currently available in Australia are also on the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council database.

We do not know if the phones have gone through Australian Telco testing. But that is not unusual unless the phones are to sold by a Telco.


The 24-month warranty fully complies with Australian Consumer Law and at present is a swap-warranty via Australia Post (great). As it is an online company its support uses the well-known ZenDesk Help Desk and there is an Australian phone number.

Mintt is also trialling a White Glove delivery service at extra cost for delivery and set up in your home.

Where are Mintt smartphones made?

While Mintt will not publicly disclose the manufacturing factories, GadgetGuy can confirm that they are quality OEM/ODM assemblers that make phones for some well-known brands.