Moto g7 power packs a three-day charge

Moto g7 Power
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The new Moto g7 Power has a 5,000mAh battery that should last three days of typical use. It is the latest mass-market ‘dominator’ at a paltry $349.

The Moto g7 Power joins the g7 range that GadgetGuy has adopted as its reference to define the best value and best performance in the mass market range. The G7 range is a perfect example of niche marketing.

Rather than do a full review, we will focus on the differences to the g7. We recommend you read the g7 and g7 Plus review first as these devices are so similar.

Mini-review – Moto g7 Power

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The G7 Power dual sim is $349. It is under the g7 at $399 and the g7 Plus at $499.


6.2-inch, 1520 x 720, 271ppi IPS (versus g7/g7 Plus, 6.2-inch, 2270 x 1080, 403ppi)

The 720p lower resolution is a tad more obvious on a 6.2-inch screen, but overall, it is a small compromise to make for longer battery life. It is colourful but not as sharp as the G7. Colour accuracy is not bad in ‘neutral’ but who cares about this in a mass-market phone.

Nits are around 600 (max) and typically 500 – a little brighter than the g7. Excellent in this market.


Qualcomm SD632 (same as the g7. g7 Plus has a faster Qualcomm SD636)

The processor is a good workhorse., The main difference becomes more obvious in the camera department where the g7 Plus has better post-processing.

It’s not a gamer’s device but will play most any browser-based game.


It has a single 12MP, f/2.0, 1.25um camera (versus 12/5MP/f1.8 on the g7 and 16/5MP on the g7 Plus).

Moto g7 Power outdoor
As good as it gets for a 12MP camera. It was slightly overcast. 1/640sec, ISO100

Indoor 500 lumen

Moto g7 Power dog
Good details and colours but bokeh suffers due to a single lens. 1/30 sec, ISO173

Low light photography is not as good.

Moto g7 Power low
Way to much blow out on the screen and loss of detail. 1/20sec, ISO 1028

It has the same 8MP selfie as the g7, but the g7 Plus gets 12MP.


Its 5,000 is rare in the mass market only matched by the unknown UMIDIGI F1 (review here), and frankly, the g7 Power is superior in its processor and many other ways.

Moto g7 Power

The charger is 5V/3A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A.

It has 18W charging, Motorola claim that gives 9 hours use in 15 minutes. The reality is 30% capacity in 30 minutes and then over four hours to go to 100%.

In our test

  • Onscreen time of over 10 hours
  • Heavy use over 15 hours
  • Video – over 20 hours


159.4 x 76 x 9.3mm x 193g (versus 157 x 75.3 x 8mm x 172g)

GadgetGuy’s take – Moto g7 Power is one of the best mass-market phones with one of the biggest batteries

 If you want battery life, then this is the one. Compared to the g7 it has a lower screen resolution, bigger battery and single rear camera.

If you want to spend $150 more, the g7 Plus is superb, but it only offers all-day battery life.

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Whopping huge 500mAh battery for up to three days use