Motorola phones to get tougher with Gorilla Glass screens

Motorola Corning Gorilla Glass MWC 2024
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Motorola phones are about to get a lot tougher, with its 2024 phones set to use the highly durable Corning Gorilla Glass screen technology.

The announcement came at MWC 2024, and follows Lenovo – Motorola’s parent company – partnering with Corning to use Gorilla Glass across various laptops and tablets.

Previous Motorola phones – usually in the premium range – have used Gorilla Glass before. Starting midway through the year, the use of the screen technology will expand across all the brand’s upcoming phones.

Why is Motorola using Corning Gorilla Glass?

Commonly mentioned on phone spec sheets, Gorilla Glass is a thin glass material strengthened to be more durable than traditional glass. Made by tech company Corning, the glass is heated to extreme temperatures to make it more durable and scratch-resistant.

Here’s where things get a little bit confusing. There is more than one type of Gorilla Glass. For example, one of the latest iterations is Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 – used on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – which is said to better withstand drops on rough surfaces. Meanwhile, other formats still offer some degree of protection, although they might not be as scratch-resistant or survive as high a drop.

Motorola didn’t specify which Gorilla Glass technology its upcoming phones will be using. It likely means that more expensive phones will use the tougher glass, while entry-level phones use more affordable technology. Either way, the announcement indicates that even the cheapest phones will benefit from an increased level of protection.

Motorola and Lenovo’s busy MWC 2024

Also at MWC 2024, Lenovo showcased its transparent laptop concept that uses Micro-LED technology. In the same breath, Motorola and Lenovo unveiled Smart Connect, a software platform aimed at connecting devices together.

The idea is to streamline using your phone, tablet, or laptop so as to not interrupt your workflow without needing all devices to be on the same operating system. When available, the software will enable cross-device features like controlling multiple devices using one input method, sharing clipboard content, and using your phone as a webcam.

Smart Connect is due out in the coming months, with specific compatibility details coming soon. For now, we know that it’ll work with PCs running Windows 10 or later, in addition to various Lenovo and Motorola devices. It’ll sit alongside other ecosystems like Intel UnisonSamsung DeX, and Apple Continuity to bridge devices together.

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