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Instead, if you use one of the many free DWG viewers to look at the file, you’ll see a top-down drawing of the venue, ready for you to print and work out where things go, generally by drawing them in yourself.

But we can do a little better than that these days. After all: technology (say it boldly, like it’s the greatest thing in the world).

So what we’ve done instead is make use of a program formerly owned and worked on by Google called “SketchUp”.

If you’ve never heard of the application before, SketchUp is essentially a 3D modelling program designed to make simple models that you can move around in, load objects, plan, create, and essentially build and design a world and the various elements that make it up.

And with an AutoCAD DWG at our ready, we can import the layout and start modelling on top of it in SketchUp, crafting a digital world to walk around in and plan elements.

Please note that this will take time, and it is not remotely an immediate experience. For our wedding, I spent roughly two to three hours building a layout, and then set another hour or so setting up animation points to show people the various angles where one might want to walk.

On the plus side, SketchUp does have a “3D Warehouse” where one can download models for use in your model and layout, meaning you can easily find some tables, chairs, possibly even a band, bride, and groom.

Once the model is done, you can fly around it, animate how movement down the aisles should work, and even export images for wedding planners and other decorators, so they fully understand what you’re going for.

Curious what our model looked like? We’ve loaded it in an interactive system for you to see. Please note, this can be system intensive, so don’t be surprised if the web browser struggles.

A music buffet

Every wedding has to have music. That’s just a thing. An obvious thing, no less. You need to have something to dance to.

We have a band for our wedding, but the band can’t play all the time, so we obviously need some filler music, and for that, we’re going to take advantage of technology we’re already using in our life.

That technology is all you can eat music services.