Naked Geeks – September 21, 2013

This week, the Naked Geeks are all about exposing technology, developing it, and printing it into nice little pictures that you can hang on a wall, and if that sounds a little like we’re talking about photography, it’s because that is precisely what this show is all about.

So on this show, we’ll look at how cameras are evolving, as manufacturers fill in the blanks, with Olympus looking at cameras from the past to make a better model today, and Sony thinking differently by removing the back and LCD screen, making something completely different.

We’ll also tell you what’s inside Canon’s limited edition Photo 5 competition box, which not everyone got, but anyone can enter, and if you have any ideas from the show, you should snap that photo and enter it on Canon’s website.

Plus lots of news about phones, phones, phones, and a review on a $500 juicer.

All that plus the odd joke here and there, and as always, we’re keen to know what you think.