Naked Geeks – September 28, 2013

On our sixth episode of the Naked Geeks, we’re stripping technology back and taking a peek at the online world, finding out that there’s a world of privacy concerns happening on social media, with tips on what you can do to stop your life from falling apart.

We’ll talk to Trend Micro’s Greg Boyle on the matter, and then later on, we’ll review the iPhone 5S.

The new iPhone has been out in Australia for a week now, and if you didn’t want to read through our three page review, this week’s Naked Geeks review is like the audio book equivalent, so you can just pop some headphones and here what we have to say on this, as well as the Nikon J3 camera.

All of this plus a bunch of news, including word that you might be able to use electronic gadgets during take off and landing, news that Telstra has made a Google Glass app for AFL fans before we even see the digital eyewear make its way out to Australia, and some information about Toshiba’s Lytro competitor that could be coming to a smartphone near you.

Haven’t seen a Lytro? Check our review from last year to see what this technology is, and why it could be very cool in a smartphone.

As always, tell us how we’re going – we love to hear what you think – and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message at GadgetGuySite on Twitter.