Naked Geeks – September 7, 2013

Third week of the Naked Geeks, and we’re all about OLED this week, the deep world of organic light emitting diodes

What are they? How are they different from LCD and LED TVs of today, and are they really organic?

We’ll be asking the pros these questions, as LG and Samsung both have units on sale now.

Gadgets have also been put through paces here at GadgetGuy – it’s what we do – so we’ll take a look at two of them: the pint-sized version of the HTC One and the Olympus E-P5 that you’ll be wanting after we tell you all about it.

All that plus some local news, some international news, and a report all the way from GadgetGuy’s Valens Quinn in Germany, as we go hands-on with Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

As always, we’re keen to know what you think about the show, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a bell or shout-out on Twitter. We’re listening, and we’ll even answer your questions in our podcast.