Natuzzi Sound Chair – Italians do it sitting down

Designed by premium Italian furniture maker, Natuzzi’s Sound Chair is a marriage of tannery and tunes, its luxe leather upholstery integrating a set of speakers and a connection for an iPod, MP3 player or, indeed, any audio system with a mini jack plug.

The chair’s classic egg-shape is made to cup your bum perfectly, promising well-heeled bachelor types in their minimalist harbour-side pads many comfortable hours of engagement with their music collections, plus there’s a vast range of leather types and colours to suit all audio aesthetics.

Some of the world’s best instruments of musical reproduction have emerged from Italy – Stradivarius violins, Sonus Faber loudspeakers, Pavarotti – and while we suspect Natuzzi’s chair is unlikely to be in their league, at around $4,260 it’s certainly not something you’ll want to forfeit to the cat either. Regardless of how much she likes Puccini.