NEC ShieldPRO notebook computer – designed to be the toughest of the tough

ShieldPRO is a quality ruggedised notebook computer manufactured in Japan and targeted at field force, mining, utility, engineering type applications. The unit is light, durable, water/dust resistant and is fanless with a touchscreen and tablet convertible screen.

It was developed by the Social Infrastructure Group of NEC Japan and as such is not an NEC Computers product. It was designed from the ground up as a ruggedised notebook computer aimed at the top end of the rugged notebook market.

ShieldPRO is not indestructible, however it is a lot tougher than standard notebooks in the market and can withstand being dropped etc. Note that damage is minimised when ShieldPRO is dropped with the lid closed and secured while the unit is OFF.

Main features

  • More robust than normal notebook computers
  • Competitive in price and features to the Panasonic Toughbook
  • Has a higher ruggedised specification than its competition (including the Toughbook)
  • Has a native serial port (not common on notebook computers)
  • Light (only 2.5 kg)
  • Tough (rated to drop from 900 mm) – NEC specification provides more information in the product specification about shock ratings than its competition
  • Long battery life
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Serial port
  • IP54 rated (can withstand water and dust/dirt)
  • Standard 1GB RAM
  • 1 more USB port than Panasonic TB-19
  • Carry handle attached to the unit, so no need for laptop bag


$4,600, excluding GST.

Source: NEC Australia