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Every week, websites that you use are being hacked, with your passwords spilling out.

Your mobile phone has never been more under threat, either, as scammers do what they can to disarm you and steal money from your wallet.

And then there’s your computer, which holds all the documents, precious photos, and anything else you hold dear.

Everything we do these days has to do with computers in some way, and unfortunately the information we’re creating and consuming is under threat, so if you don’t have a security solution, you owe it to yourself — and your family — to get some.

More than Windows

It’s not a case of Mac vs PC anymore, either. While Apple’s Mac OS never used to be a target for hackers and scammers, ever since the travesty that was Windows Vista came out, Apple has had more people switching to its operating system, and while Windows 7 helped fix Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 8 hasn’t improved things.

Now there are security threats on both sides, and if you’re still of the belief that you don’t need a security solution because you’re on a Mac and they’re harder to break, I’ve got bad news for you, because you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

There are ways to break into a Mac, and there are ways to break into Windows, and about the only computer safe from security breaches are ones not connected to the internet that never will be.

If you’re reading this on a computer, that’s not the computer you’re working on.

But the problem with security issues is that the platform doesn’t just stop at Windows or Mac. No, it’s much worse now, because security issues exist on mobile handsets as well, with Google’s Android very, very affected by scams.

Apple’s mobile operating system used on the iPhone and iPad has less of an issue, as does Microsoft’s Windows Phone, but there are still ways to break in on these platforms, and that’s ignoring the real security dilemma across all platforms: the web.

Regardless of what operating system you use — Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Windows Phone — one of the biggest and most complicated issues stemming from security has to do with the complexity of your passwords, because if sites you use are being broken weekly, your passwords need to be changed just as frequently.

Fortunately, there are solutions from security companies that battle problems like these on all fronts, and if you don’t have any security, well listen up good, because it’s time you went out and equipped yourself pronto.

A global look at security

It’s hard to find anyone with just one device anymore. We’re people reliant on several devices, and have a smartphone, a computer, and possibly a tablet. Your significant other has a smartphone and a computer, and also possibly a tablet.

Your kids are probably the same, and if you have more than yourself in your life, you probably need to think about security from a bigger-than-thou point of view.

That means you need to address the fact that there are multiple computers to protect, not just the one in your life.