Compact Nespresso Vertuo Pop machine makes coffee fun

Nespress Vertuo Pop coffee machine red

Want a coffee machine but don’t have much space in your kitchen? Perhaps the newly launched Nespresso Vertuo Pop might be what you need.

It’s the smallest machine in Nespresso’s Vertuo range, designed to fit alongside your other appliances while adding a splash of colour. So stylish is the Vertuo Pop, that it took out the 2022 iF Design Award in the product category. Most importantly, it makes multiple different cup sizes of coffee to get you going in the morning (or pick you up from an afternoon slump).

Being a Vertuo machine, the Pop uses a type of coffee capsule dedicated to the range, that the Pop scans to serve your brew in precise amounts. This technology is called “Centrifusion”, and the machine adjusts how it makes the coffee depending on the specific blend based on the capsule’s barcode.

Vertuo Pop makes you a coffee expert

New to the Vertuo Pop is ‘Expert Mode’, a technology that gives you more control over how you want your beverage made. By using this mode, you can use any Vertuo coffee capsule to make a double shot, a single shot, or a ristretto via a couple of button presses. As a result, the machine changes settings, like water and temperature, and extracts the coffee so it can be best enjoyed with milk.

Nespresso cited recent YouGov research indicating that 91% of Aussie coffee drinkers have milk with their regular brew, which is why the Expert Mode is a big focus. It enables you to make flat whites, cappuccinos, and more at home using a small machine. With the Vertuo Pop, you can have four different cup sizes depending on what you feel like:

  • Mug (230mL)
  • Gran Lungo (150mL)
  • Double Espresso (80mL)
  • Espresso (40mL)

To ensure your milky drink meets your discerning standards, Nespresso also recommends the Aeroccino3 milk frother for cafe-quality sips. Additionally, you can connect the Vertuo Pop to the Nespresso app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for updates and to take care of device maintenance.

Nespresso Vertuo Pop coffee machine mint
I’m a big fan of colourful appliances, with a particular fondness for this shade of mint.

As well as being the smallest in the Vertuo range, the Pop is also the cheapest. It costs $229 on its own, and $319 in a bundle with the Aeroccino3 (RRP $109). At the moment, you can grab a machine for $179 as part of the Mother’s Day sale. Sustainability is also a core focus, with Nespresso’s latest machine made from 35% recycled plastics. Plus you can recycle used coffee capsules through the company’s official program.

Although not a coffee drinker, I think the Vertuo Pop is a stylish kitchen accessory made to stand out among a sea of stainless steel. More of it, I say.

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