New Audi concept to bring sound from every direction

If you thought your new sound setup at home was amazing, think again. German car manufacturer Audi is putting some a new idea to the test with a car sound system that completely surrounds you.

With 62 separate speakers in Audi’s “Sound Concept,” you might just get an audio quality that properly defines “surround sound”. The idea has been installed into Audi’s Q7 sports-utility vehicle, a beast of a car that looks to own the roads.

And with a sound system like this, we’re not surprised.

With a woofer in each door, one subwoofer in the back, five tweeters across the dash and in the rear doors, and 52 speakers circling the entire cabin, we can only imagine that the amount of sound found in Q7 is immense.

We’ve already seen Audi include some cool new technology in its latest model cars, but with over 50 speakers inside this concept, we’re now totally blown away.

The audiophile in us can’t wait until Audi Australia gets one in and invites us over for a play.