New B&W speaker prices make your ears, wallet happy

Premium purveyors of personal sound Bowers & Wilkins are cutting prices, giving your ears something to feel happy about and dropping dollars off some of the biggest and brightest speakers you’ve always wanted to own.

Thanks to the strength of the Australian dollar and improvements in the supply chain, Convoy, our local distributor for the British B&W brand, has decided to drop prices across many of the speaker models, saving customers thousands of dollars on many of the brands.

“Convoy has proudly distributed Bowers & Wilkins for over 40 years and we are excited to offer these truly remarkable products at such attractive prices,” said Geoff Matthews, Managing Director of Convoy International. “Our aim in making these changes is to encourage buyers to shop locally through our network of trusted specialist retailers, thus avoiding the temptation and potential pitfalls of making a risky overseas purchase.”

The new “diamond” range of the 800 series – complete with a tweeter made from pure diamond – is considered one of the best high-end loudspeakers around, used in placed such as Abbey Road Studios in London and Skywalker Sound in California.

From June 1, the new pricing system goes into play, with the following new prices complete with where they’ve dropped from:

  • 800 Diamond – $29,000 pair (was $37,000)
  • 802 Diamond – $19,000 pair (was $25,000)
  • 803 Diamond – $12,500 pair (was $16,000)
  • 804 Diamond – $9,000 pair (was $12,000)
  • 805 Diamond – $5,500 pair (was $7500)
  • HTM2 Diamond- $5,000 each (was $7500)
  • HTM4 Diamond- $3,000 each (was $4,000)
  • DB1 Subwoofer- $5,500 each (was $7,000)