New Sharp refrigerators offer the freshness of Hybrid Cooling

Sharp Corporation has released its new Top Mount refrigerator range featuring Hybrid Cooling System which is designed to keep foods at optimum temperatures for longer lasting freshness.

Sharp’s Large Top Mount Series include Hybrid Cooling System which features an aluminium panel, cooled to approximately 0 degrees C and located at the rear of the refrigerator compartment. The panel’s chilled air is spread evenly throughout the compartment minimising loss of food quality by helping to prevent excessive dryness, uneven cooling and over-cooling.

This inbuilt nano-deodoriser helps to maintain food quality and freshness. It does this by using a special deodorising filter which helps to reduce unpleasant or strong food odours as the air circulates inside the refrigerator, resulting in a fresher and cleaner fragrance.

In addition to the above all models boast a fridge full of user friendly internal features including fresh case with cover for storage of meat, poultry and fish and pizza pocket for frozen pizza storage.

The Premium model, the SJPT555RHS includes extra features such as Sharp’s exclusive Plasmacluster Ion system, this helps to keep food fresh for longer. Positive and negative Ions are released from vents inside the refrigerator to help reduce bacteria and airborne mould spores. This SJPT555RHS model also features a removable half shelf for east storage of tall bottles, a covered door pocket for safely storing small items and a moveable freezer tray/shelf for storing frozen food separately.

The Premium 555 litre model, the Sharp SJPT555RHS comes in a high grade silver finish while the two standard 555 litre models are available in either a classic white or silver finish. A larger standard model, the 596 litre Sharp SJT596RSL also comes in a silver finish.

Pricing and availability

Sharp’s Large Top Mount Series are available at all leading electrical retailers and priced at RRP $1,924 for the Premium 555 litre SJPT555RHS, RRP $1,645 for the standard 555 litre SJT555RWH, RRP $1,704 for the SJT555RSL model and RRP $1,814 for the 596 litre SJT596RSL model.

Source: Sharp