New Star Wars toys – Millennium Falcon Legacy Edition and Force FX Lightsaber

The ultimate in geek cool, the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Legacy Edition is almost a metre long, with light-up headlights and rear blaster rockets, plus 13 sound effects, including engine boost, fly-by and cruise modes, firing canons and authentic dialogue from the movie.

Lift up the cockpit or gunner station and position the Han Solo and Chewbacca figurines (supplied) ready for action, automatically open the boarding ramp, launch the mini fighter or add more figurines to your crew of galactic good-guys by removing the Falcon’s outer panels.

For real collectors there’s the Force FX Lightsaber, which with weighty metal hilt, sturdy glowing blade (red for Darth Maul and blue for Anakin Skywalker) feels nothing like a toy. Adding to its realism are power-up and power-down light effects and authentic lightsaber sounds – such as idle hum and clash – digitally recorded from the movie.


The Millennium Falcon Legacy Edition has an RRP of $250, the Force FX Lightsaber is $240.