Nikon’s D3200: 24.2 megapixels for under a grand

Nikon has been one active camera manufacturer lately, and just two months after announcing an impressive 36 megapixel shooter, it now has a compact digital SLR with 24 megapixels at its disposal.

Upgrading 2010’s 14 megapixel D3100, the new D3200 features a similar compact design meant for the amateur photographer, but with some notable improvements in video capture and LCD technology.

The new camera will also take advantage of the Expeed 3 processor, the chip that is used for processing in the high-end D4 and D800 cameras.

While the obvious upgrade is in the megapixels – an increase of 10 megapixels on a new sensor – the 3 inch LCD has even more dots (920k compared with 230k) and the video mode can capture 1080p Full HD video at more frame rates.

An extra port has also been added, designed to support a new wireless connectivity accessory (WU-1a) for near-instant sharing with smartphones and tablets. Apps will be released for both Android and iOS to take advantage of this technology.

The guide mode has also been tweaked, with more images and explanations of how images have been shot, meant to help you bring the photographer out.

Nikon Australia no longer issues recommended retail prices, making the expected price something of a mystery for us at the moment. Overseas in America, the camera is expected to be available for $699.95, and given the current climate and our high dollar, expect that is technically the RRP down here.

With that in mind, expect a rough $700 RRP in Australia when it arrives in stores from May 24, 2012.

The Nikon D3100 looks to be sticking around, at least for the short while, so you may be able to pick one of these up for a hundred or two less in the next few months.