Nikon’s D7100 updates the mid-range with 24 megapixels

The mid-range of Nikon’s digital SLRs is receiving a boost about two years since it’s brother came out. This new entry updates the sensor, increases the speed, and should be here soon.

Lighter than the previous model, the new D7100 aims to offer those shooting with Nikon’s lower-than-full-frame APS-C sensor format a new body to shoot with.

Heading to stores in March, this model jumps from 16 megapixels in the D7000 to 24 in the D7100, with 51 focus points across the image area, and a new sensor that does away with the low-pass filter to offer a higher degree of sharpness and clarity in images similar to a variant of the D800 (D800E) which has intrigued customers looking for higher quality in their shots.

A different crop factor is also here, and while the APS format – half the size of a 35mm frame – is normally used, Nikon has equipped the D7100 with an extra 1.3x crop factor that you can switch on, which brings with up to 7fps shooting speed and a closer capture of subjects when recording Full HD 1080p video.

The improvements aren’t just inside the camera, with the viewfinder sporting some bright OLED bits, a high resolution 3.2 inch screen on the back sporting 1229k-dots, an “i” button letting you access the most used modes in your life, double SD slots, and a construction made from magnesium alloy that manages to be 100 grams lighter than its predecessor.

Like all things Nikon in the past couple of years, there is, sadly, no price, with Nikon no longer releasing a recommended retail price in Australia.

As per usual, we suggest shopping around, and if you’re interested, look for it in stores in March.