Norton goes beyond the PC, protects mobile phones

With virus and Internet threats moving beyond the home computer world, Norton sets its sights on mobile phones and websites in this interesting announcement.

“We are entering a new era where non-PC devices are exploding in numbers, which means more opportunity for cybercriminals,” said Janice Chaffin, Symantec’s President of the Consumer Business Unit. “It’s becoming more and more critical for consumers to be protected beyond their PCs.”

What does “beyond their PCs” mean exactly?

Mobile phones and websites.

From June, Norton will begin to deliver solutions for mobile handsets including Google’s Android operating system. Norton Smartphone Security Beta has been designed to protect users against unwanted callers, Internet threats, and even allow phone owners to lock or wipe their handset in the event that it’s ever stolen.

No pricing has been announced for Norton Smartphone Security, but we’ll have more news for you as and when we find out.

Norton on Android phones.

Other handsets including the iPhone will gain access to files backed up using Norton 360 when Symantec releases Norton Connect Beta in June. The online back-up service present in Norton’s security suites allows up to 2GB of files to be safely stored in the cloud, and these applications will allow your mobile phone to access them from where ever you are.

Norton’s security for websites will be handled with a new piece of software. Norton DNS Beta will be made available for free in June and provides home users with a way of scanning URLs for anything malicious. Users of Android handsets will too be able to find a version of the software on the Android Market come release in June.